Akshay’s Pistol Releases At The Opening of New Year 2014

Once again Akshay Kumar will be seen with the pistol in  his hand, after the movie Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobara, people like the Akshay doing gangster role, he will be very famous from only the trailer of Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobara, yet the movie is not released but the popularity of Akshay Kumar has increased day by day.

akshay kumar in Pistol Movie 2014 HDwallpapers

The Pistol is the forthcoming movie directed by famous Tamil director AR Murugadoss, we are much aware with his work from 2008 super hit film Ghajini. Ghajini was a blockbuster movie of 2008, AR Murugadoss makes his debut with this movie in Hindi cinemas. Ghajini was also the remake of Murugadoss own 2005 hit Tamil film Ghajini.

Now that AR Murugadoss will again directs his 2012 blockbuster “Thuppakki” (which also mean Gun), in Hindi as Pistol, the release date of the movie is confirmed on 10 January 2014, it will be a blast for the new year. The features of the film are Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead role the hit jodi from Rowedy Rathore, will be seen next year.

The Pistol is the story of captain (Akshay Kumar) in the Indian Army, when he returns home his parents and his younger sister forced him to seeing Sonakshi Sinha, for marriage. But when Akshay saw that girl, he made excuses to avoid marrying her, such that she is an old fashion girl. Sonakshi Sinha gets hurt by his excuses and after that she will turn into a modern girl, after seeing this Akshay Kumar falls for her.

This will be the only lovable part of the story of the movie after that there are lots of action in the movie, the trailer of the movie will be released with Akshay’s another movie Boss (Naam hai Boss), this year is full of Akshay’s movie. 

Pistol Movie Details:

Release Date: 10 January 2014


Director: A. R. Murugadoss


Starring: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha


Music by: Pritam


Cinematography: Natarajan Subramaniam


  1. akshay ji mujhe aapki har movie achhi lagti hai our me kisi our hero ki movie nhi dekhta apki boss mujhe bahut jayad pasnd aea hai apki ane wali movie ka intzae hai pistol

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