Chennai Express 14th Day Collection: Second Thursday Total Collection

Chennai Express 14th day collection

Chennai Express is now one step behind 3 Idiots, but today itself the movie will break all the past Boxoffice records and became the no.1 movie at Bollywood. With in two weeks the movie smashed all the previous records of Ek Tha Tiger & 3 Idiots, Yesterday movie had gained a great achievement by collecting a total of 200 crore. Now the movie had reached to the top grosser of all time, as our practice is to update, you all with the exact second Wednesday collection of Chennai Express, the 2nd Wednesday collection was 8.20 crore accurate. Now lets talk about the second Thursday collection of Chennai Express.

Well today is 2nd Thursday or we can say that 14th day for Chennai Express in Boxoffice, the movie is still doing a great business, in its second week also it collects more then 50 crore, that is the highest collection ever generated by any Bollywood movie, the yesterday collection for the movie was good due to Holiday, but today’s collection has a certain drop, well lets talk in brief about the second Thursday collection of Chennai Express.

Chennai Express 14th Day (2nd Thursday) Collection:

As per as our report the film have a certain drop in its 2nd Thursday collection, its 14th day collection has 30% drop as compare to its 13th day collection, the collection are quite low for today, but still good as it is the second week for the movie, Chennai Express Second Thursday (14th Day) Collection will be close to 3.75 crore, the collection is early estimated on the basis of half of its day past and, our possibility for its 14th day collection may vary, but definitely it will be around 3.75 crore.

Chennai Express Second Thursday (14th Day) Collection: 3.75 crore

Chennai Express Total Collection up to 14th Day:

Thursday Paid Preview 6.75 crore
First Day Collection of Chennai Express 33.15 crore
Second Day Collection of Chennai Express 28.05 crore
Third  Day Collection of Chennai Express 32.50 crore
Fourth Day Collection of Chennai Express 12.62 crore
Fifth Day Collection of Chennai Express 11.50 crore
Sixth Day Collection of Chennai Express 12.50 crore
Seventh Day Collection of  Chennai Express 19.50 crore
Total first week Collection of Chennai Express 156.57 crore
Second Week of Chennai Express
8th Day (2nd Friday) Collection of Chennai Express 6.50 crore
9th Day Collection of Chennai Express 8.50 crore
10th Day Collection of Chennai Express 10.50 crore
11th Day Collection of  Chennai Express 3.80 crore
12th Day Collection of  Chennai Express 7.06 crore
13th Day Collection of  Chennai Express 8.20 crore
14th Day Collection of  Chennai Express 3.75 crore*
Total Collection of Chennai Express up to 14th Day  204.88 crore

Chennai Express had reached to a nett collection of 204.88 crore, the movie had surpassed the total collection of 3-Idiots, the exact figure os 14th day collection of Chennai Express will be out with our next article, ” third Friday collection of Chennai Express”, till then Stay with us!!

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13 thoughts on “Chennai Express 14th Day Collection: Second Thursday Total Collection

  1. sohel fajal

    My name is king khan king ke bare me koi kuch bi bolega mujhe bardast nahi hota I selut king khan not a salman only king khan

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  3. keyur

    this record will never be brokable by any person in bollywood …only srk can break his film record nd create new record….srk rocks…

  4. anurag arya

    Congrtulation to all chennai express team for create a new record and break the 3 idiots record
    and specially congrtulation to SRK beacuse I m a big fan of SRK

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