Chennai Express 7th Day Collection: Total First Week Collection

Chennai Express

Well with the opening of OUATIMD, Chennai Express completed his first week in the box-office, Chennai Express is still running with the new released OUATIMD, This 15 August, Independence Day, is lucky for both the movies, the 7th day collection of Chennai Express is consistent as its 6th day collection, the movie will continuously grows up, all the credit of this goes to the, promotional activities of Chennai Express.

Chennai Express 7th Day Collection Compare to First Day Collection of OUATIMD:

Well the seventh day collection of Chennai Express is strong enough against the first day collection of OUATIMD, its really surprising that, Chennai Express completes his first week, and his collection are good as compare to first day collection of OUATIMD, 7th day collection of Chennai Express are 19.50 crore. the week ends with a huge collection of 19.50 crore, and the total first week collection of Chennai Express reaches to 156.57 crore.

Chennai Express 7th Day Collection: 19.50 crore

First Week Total Collection of Chennai Express :

Thrusday Paid Preview6.75 crore
First Day Collection of Chennai Express33.15 crore
Second Day Collection of Chennai Express28.05 crore
Third  Day Collection of Chennai Express32.50 crore
Fourth Day Collection of Chennai Express12.62 crore
Fifth Day Collection of Chennai Express11.50 crore
Sixth Day Collection of Chennai Express12.50 crore
Seventh Day Collection of  Chennai Express19.50 crore
Total first week Collection of Chennai Express156.57 crore

The total first week collection of Chennai Express is 156.57 crore. For the latest updated collection of the movie stay with us!!


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