Chennai Express 8th Day Collection: 2nd Friday Total Collection

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After a huge successful first week of Chennai Express, now the film came to its 2nd Friday, and it is his 8th day in the Boxoffice, the film is giving a strong competition to the new released movie OUATIMD, even the 7th day collection of Chennai Express is almost similar to the first day collection of OUATIMD. Chennai Express starts his journey from the past Friday, and yesterday the movie completes his first week with a total collection of 147.57 crore. Chennai Express is reaching towards the target of 200 crore, and if the movie will have such a tremendous performance then undoubtedly it will easily cross 200 crore. Now lets talk about its 8th day collection in Boxoffice, and you will find out that, is this 2nd Friday is as lucky as first Friday for Chennai Express.

Chennai Express 8th Day (2nd Friday) Collection Report:

There will be 20% drop in the 8th Day (2nd Friday) collection of Chennai Express. but still the collection are good, one of the good factor for the movie is its screening, even after the release of OUATIM, Chennai Express still have more then 2000 screen, the reason is its good performance, in a conversation with the distributors, they told us if our shows are going houseful, then why shall we relace our screen with a new released movie. Now it is pretty clear that in a single screen, there will be a strong grip of Chennai Express until next week. The 8th Day (2nd Friday) collection of Chennai Express ends with a total of 7.50 crore and now the movie gross the nett collection of 164.07 crore.

Chennai Express 8th Day (2nd Friday) Collection: 7.50 crore

Total Collection of Chennai Express Up to its 8th Day:

Thursday Paid Preview6.75 crore
First Day Collection of Chennai Express33.15 crore
Second Day Collection of Chennai Express28.05 crore
Third  Day Collection of Chennai Express32.50 crore
Fourth Day Collection of Chennai Express12.62 crore
Fifth Day Collection of Chennai Express11.50 crore
Sixth Day Collection of Chennai Express12.50 crore
Seventh Day Collection of  Chennai Express19.50 crore
Total first week Collection of Chennai Express156.57 crore
Second Week of Chennai Express
8th Day (2nd Friday) Collection of Chennai Express7.50 crore
9th Day Collection of Chennai Express_______ crore
Total Collection of Chennai Express up to 8th Day 164.07 crore

The 8th day collection of Chennai Express is around 7.50 crore, and now the movie has reached a net collection of 164.07 crore, only 36.93 crore are left to cross 200 crore.

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  1. Ya. There is a mistake ce collected 19.50 cr on yesterday and it gross rs.156.70 cr in domestic box office and 213 cr worldwide.

  2. there is mistake in collection report. tursday independence day collection has been 19 cror even near 20 crore how u could write such a unfair report it alredy has crosed 150 cror in india and 200 cror world wide. pls tc of information u putiing. srk is super hero for all his die hard fan we cant bear wrong info about him or his movies. and befor this week be over it will cros 205 cror just in india now imagin about worldwide collection. even people prefer to watch ce over outimd. srk rocks. love u king king is back and rocking screens

    1. We are really thankful to you, Mr. Shalo, and we have apologized for that. It is just a silly mistake by our writer, he considers 9 as 0, and that’s why he wrote 19.50 as 10.50. We always appreciated such intellectual visitors to our site.

  3. Srk was is and will always be the king of world cinema I watched chennai express 8 times I will againg go this monday ce rules the box office srk king always rocks

  4. Hi dostoen agar aisa hoga to 200 cr aasaani k 7 cross kar payegi
    1st week:-156
    2nd week:-
    fri-4 156+45=201and 3rd week meto aaraam se break kardegi aur 3i se bhi zyada kkamayegi kya aap is comment se agree ho

    1. Tumhare muh mein ghee shakkar.Absolutely.No doubt that 3 idiots record is about to be broken by Chennai.Weekend mey collection aur jump karegi.

  5. plz srk we all fan loves u jaise tum apni production ki movie ko promot karte ho waise hi agar aapne don 2 ki publicity ki hoti to ab tak 250 aap ka hota.u are a deserving king Don 2 was a truly class movie.

  6. First week collection 156.70
    frday collection 10.50
    sat. Collection 8.80
    total 9 days collection 176 crores
    just 25 crores behind 3i
    expctd colection
    sunday 9 crore
    monday 5 crore
    tues 4 crore
    wed 4 crore
    thur. 3 crore
    2 week colection total 202 crore
    nd 3rd week me 20 crore
    lifetime colection around 220 crose nd overseas around 85 crore
    total 305 crore
    india me heighest nd overall me 2nd heighest

  7. Shahrukh khan ki chennai express ab tak ki india ki sabse zyada paisa kamane wali film banne ja rahi hai hum dua karte hain ki ce overseas mein bhi sabse zyada paisa kamana wali movie ban jaye
    All the best srk

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